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Smithing Magician tooling

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I am planning building a smithing magician.

Can people who have done so please inform me of what tooling they find the most useful. I have in my scrap bin four pieces of 1/2" by 2" plate about 5" long that I was going to use for tools/dies.

My options at the moment are fuller, tennon, and I am not sure.

Please tell me what you use and what you have made.

Thanks, Geoff

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A side-set, a punch upper die and a bottom die with a hole, a pair of slightly crown dies to weld 'mascus billets easily without trappin'flux...
And you will make more as soon as you need more :rolleyes:
And as we say in France, have a good fire ;)

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Here is a picture of the guillotine tool and the fuller that I made for it.
Now I have to decide what other tooling I am going to make. Cut off tool and side set? tennon tool, swages round and square. Some picture of what others have made will help and comments of what they use the most.

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Well I finally got a chance to play with the magician and here is the result. I used it for necking down my first rose bud.

Got all soppy when I gave it to my wife. Told her "Here is a rose that will never wilt just like my love for you." My wife says the photograph doesn't do it justice.

The how to is here http://www.anvilfire.com/iForge/ go down to number 40 Rose Bud by bill Epps. Very easy to do and looks good.


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