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Need help with forge design

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i am a beginner at all this and am planning on constructing a old school forge in my back yard. i dont want to convert an old grill or nothing like that. i am wanting to build a real brick forge and i need advice on the layout any suggestions would be helpful and if you have actualy blueprints or design layouts that would be amazing

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Most straightforward method is get your firepot and air supply rustled up. Then build a suitable frame to hold them where you would like to do your forging, add brick to taste.

That is about as definite an answer that can be given without knowing more of your equipment. Start with the firepot. Do you have one? what are its features? does it need a lip to sit on or does it bolt to something. Do it have a tuyere (tweer) and an ash dump on the bottom? Are you going to need a hood? will it be in a building?

Pictures would be helpful, as there aren't any sizes to go by except the sizes you provide. Now features is another matter such as height and layout in relation to the anvil. whether you have need of an extra large hearth or if it is desirable. I built my first forge so I could move it around and would know how I would like it when I went permanent. And I may build a permanent one some day, I'm on my 6th forge. each has been different from the last. I have three currently a large and small gasser and traveling coal burner.

With the above in mind what else can you tell us?

How to build my first forge may help with some ideas as well as Solid fuel forges

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