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Smiths in Southern Ontario

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Since alot of people have been asking about smiths around there areas lately, I thought I would too.
I'm in Brantford, Ontario. Wondering if there are many smiths around southern ontario that might be up for getting together for a forging day.
Lets see what we could come up with.


Hi Aaron,
I'm in Hamilton.
You'll also find John Newman in Hmailton as well - long experienced smith, seller of fine smithing tools and all around good guy.

There's an OABA forum on IFI that I asked Glenn to create for us last year. I haven't had much time to keep on it lately, I usually post the OABA meetings that are coming up and we've had some brief discussions about local topics, but i would love to see our forum become more active - I say that as I am about to become completely unavailable until the fall.
There's a number of us here in Southern Ontario and many who are not on IFI.

I'd love to hook up with you and others at an OABA meeting sometime and talk more about group work days and stuff.

Things to mark off on your calendar:
Quad State - Sept 24-26, 2010 - in Ohio.
Can-Iron 8 - July 28-Aug 1, 2011 - Fergus Ontario.

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