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My Japanese style forge


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It's been a while since I started building my Japanese style forge, but it's finally finished!
Below a description of how I did it.

First I lifted the old bbq/forge from its place and moved it to it's new spot on the concrete plateau in the back of the yard. Then I cut a few firebricks to size with an angle grinder. these bricks were easy to shape with it. I got the bricks from a fellow forum member on a Dutch blade forum.

The I started building, layer for layer, letting each one dry for a week.
below a picture of the old bbq/forge that I used as a base. No sense letting all that good concrete go to waste:
post-13738-060653400 1275232776_thumb.jp

Here she is after the first layer:
post-13738-066081700 1275232647_thumb.jp post-13738-066081700 1275232647_thumb.jp

Then the second and last layer:
post-13738-088915500 1275233029_thumb.jp post-13738-092879300 1275233062_thumb.jp

Then a top coat to make the surface nice and smooth:
post-13738-058121300 1275233132_thumb.jp post-13738-026552000 1275233156_thumb.jp post-13738-034223000 1275233172_thumb.jp

Here a few pictures of me at work:
post-13738-017324200 1275233231_thumb.jp post-13738-039839600 1275233257_thumb.jp

And the brand new anvil I got last week!
post-13738-012498800 1275233316_thumb.jp

And this is how she will look during forging, I am not building it up further, because this way I can just add or remove bricks when necessary.
I didn't move the tuyère (air pipe) as planned, I will see how this goes first.
post-13738-089735200 1275233586_thumb.jp post-13738-010172600 1275233623_thumb.jp post-13738-014349400 1275233651_thumb.jp
post-13738-068902800 1275233687_thumb.jp post-13738-098518300 1275233755_thumb.jp post-13738-090789400 1275233783_thumb.jp

So far the build of my new charcoal forge.
I have O2 Toolsteel (1.2842) and S4 Springsteel (1.2826) on the way and in tree weeks, I'll have all the time in the world to start forging blades!
I also plan on making some Tsuba's so with this new forge I can blacken them nicely.

Let me know what you think,

post-13738-009616100 1275232677_thumb.jp

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