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G'day from Western Australia

Arron J

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hey guys, my names Arron, im 20

im a boilermaker/welder by trade and have had little b/smithing experience.
i love my job which consists of a lot of structural steel work, fabrication and repairs for mining company's.
however, i enjoy blacksmithing allot more :)

iv got a brake drum forge and most of the basics.

what im lacking is some quality books on metallurgy and smithing.


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Welcome to IFI Arron!

You've come to the right place - you'll find all sorts of helpful info and some great people.
There's a pretty large contingent of Australian blacksmiths here so ask lot of questions and join the discussions - we really like it when you post pics of what you've got going on!


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G'Day Arron ,
firstly welcome ta the site bloke . just what we's need " another " AUSSIE :)

Bung youse name inta this http://www.iforgeiro...6-oz-roll-call/

And ifin youse is over on the east coat around the end of October http://www.iforgeiro...ered-at-moonys/
Look at the last page for this yrs info

Dale Russell ( aka ) Lefty

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