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Grant - Spring Dies

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Grant, at one of the last NWBA conferences I bought one of your spring dies that swages a round ball in the center of a 1/2" square bar. I explained to you that I didn't have a power hammer and you advised me to then weld a 1" square shank to the bottom spring and set this assembly into my hardy hole. Great idea.

A customer wanted a round ball in the center of every other picket on a 40 ft. railing I was building for him. So I made a stop to butt the bar against to make sure the ball was on center every time and then I had to swing a large sledge hammer with one hand while holding and turning the bar with the other. I thought my arm was going to fall off, but it worked.

Here is the rest of the story.... I noticed right off that it's practically impossible to swing a large sledge hammer with one hand and hit the die perfectly flat every time. So as a result the die was flexing back and forth on the spring. I figured it was a race against time before the die broke off the spring handle. IT DID BREAK OFF.....on the last hit on the last picket to finish the railing!!! :P (If it's going to break, then the timing was perfect.). No problem though, I just cut off the handle and after a little clean up just welded them back on.

I have four of your dies now and plan to buy more at the next conference. No more sledge hammer though, I'm using the treadle hammer.

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i also use a few of the spring dies not under power hammer i use my fly press instead.. it works well and holds things in alignment well . i made a device to fit a hearty and hold the spring die where i can change dies . didnt want to limit my use by welding on a square bar .. might make a flat die for my power hammer someday so.. they work well !

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