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I Forge Iron

Really am curious what these are...

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Before I go to squishing this hammer...is it a hammer? The one end has a slight tapering back, and it not really that well balanced. Am wondering if something attached to it. I got this to make a pipe hawk and just dont have the heart to do it.


and I have always seen these. One shape or another. I have heard 2 stories: 1-was used to make star chisels. 2- was used for making wagon tires. This particular one was a pic of someones tool in our smithing group who was wondering as well. I have not seen one like this where it was tapered.




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That Ball peen is a hand made machinist chipping hammer for driving a cold chisel. I have one it was hand forged filed and trued up on a lathe. the peen has a flat on the tip that was used to rivet and work in tight spaces. These hammers are not that common. Keep it and enjoy it.

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That ball peen looks like the type that was made from around 1890 to 1910 and I'd say it's a keeper. Still not worth a lot of money but does show how far we have come down from making a nice looking product. There are a ton of newer ones out there than are not old and deserves to be converted to something better like a hawk.
That other tool has me thinking that it could be used to put a point on a digging iron or some other instrument of destruction. :blink:

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