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Band with an inset 2.5mm Peridot stone-


This one has a 4mm Black Onyx-


This one has a 2.5mm Red Garnet-


This is a bit heavier band, With an inset 2mm Black Diamond-


This one has a .25ct Natural rough cube diamond-


All of them are sized, and depending on the design, SOME of them are resizeable to a point, usually about 1 size down and 2-3 up, but for the most part, they're pretty much custom made to order, so they fit! It took me a while to get the sizing thing down- it is far more precise than most blacksmithing work I am accustomed to, there is only about a .10 inch difference in the circumference between sizes- And getting them dead on is pretty important.

The ones that have inset stones are a result of a lot of experimentation. I'm pretty happy with the results. I had to create punches that match the bottom of the stone I'm setting, so I get a good, tight fit!


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