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Anyone want to help design a gate?

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I offered to build a man gate for a local private christian school as a gift/donation

What I ask for was to put a call out to there high school art department to have students submit ideas and the winner would have his name on a bronze plate on the gate..

They said they didn't have enough time (the school year is basically over and they want the gate up by September

Its a pretty big school... 270 acres and been there since 1919... I have a "budget" of around $7500 (translation I dont want to spend more than about two weeks building it)

Auburn Academy

I am thinking I will do something with the feather "A" but this will be right next to some big drive gates I built that have the big A in a stainless medallion

Anyway I am thinking it would be cool to do some like forged books or something education related in the gate... Anyone have any ideas?

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Since it is a man gate you can give traditional joinery a go and might (maybe) keep within your time budget with all your neat toys.

Besides the feather A are there any other symbols that are part of their campus tradition? Are there any other interesting ironwork this is going up near, or away from? I know you said you did a gate for them already, are you specifically NOT wanting to copy certain elements.

Is this the other gate that this will be along side?

You can work on a feather motif, but getting it to not look like a duck was just shot would be important. Using only a few feathers may be the trick. Possibly in positive since the link shows in negative.

If this man gate is very close to that gate, the not very complex design will probably need carried over so it doesn't look out of place. If the man gate is in a different part of campus, what other ironwork is there to take inspiration from?


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A pic of the installed main gate and a quick sketch(with measurements)of the proposed gate(or opening) so we can see what we have to work with would help.

If you were to treat the main field of the gate as a snapshot of a desktop then you could incorporate the books and the feather(actually a quill pen) along with an ink well could be plasma cut to repeat the theme of the main gate.

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