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When KeenJumk closed, Sparkie set up Forgemagic with the same look and feel of the old KeenJunk site. Many of the regulars to KeenJunk moved to Forgemagic.

I have contacted Sparkie many times on many different subjects. IForgeIron has a link to Forgemagic on it's links page. Since Forgemagic opened, I have referred folks to Forgemagic when they are looking for the old KeenJumk site. I have posted to Forgemagic and continue to support the site with referrals.

Forgemagic is an running list of comments forum, where information and personal comments are intertwined. The BlacksmithingForum is organized by threads and subjects and is information based. Both styles are good, just different.

Sparkie and Forgemagic has it's own guide lines for posting, and I can not post them here as they may change, as that is Sparkie's choice and Forgemagic is his site. You will need to visit Forgemagic.com for that information.

The Blacksmith forum is a family site and the guide lines are posted on the site. The guide lines are posted on the subject "keeping you informed" or http://www.blacksmithforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=166

As far as cool blacksmithing sites goes, it is NOT a contest. You DO NOT have to decide which is better. I suggest you visit both.

BlacksmithForum is part of IForgeIron.com

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