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Tried Out Iron Kiss Power Hammers

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Over April break I had a chance to visit John Larson’s shop. He builds the Iron Kiss power hammers. I contacted him prior to my visit and told him that I was interested in checking out his 50# and 75# hammer. When I showed up he had them all set up and ready to go with flat dies, in addition he also had a 100# hammer set up with combo dies. I hammered on several railroad spikes with the smaller hammers. They made quick work of the spikes. I then tried some 1” round. Both smaller hammers did a very nice job. I was really impressed with how hard the 75# hammer hit. I then tried some small chunks of 1 3/4” round. John said the 50# hammer could handle it. Since I only had two chunks I decided to try the 75# and the 100# hammer. The 75# hammer did a really nice job. It took it down quite a bit in one heat. The 100# hammer was very impressive. With the combo dies it really moved some metal.

After I had tried out the hammers I talked to John about his hammers. John spent a great deal of time answering all my questions. It was nice to have someone really take the time to make sure a potential customer had all their questions answered.

One of the things that I was the most impressed with is how straight forward the design of his hammers were. He explained to me what parts would eventually wear out and how it was quite easy to replace them, they were also parts that were very easy to get.

I have not made a final decision on what hammer I will buy yet. I still have some more research to do. The Iron Kiss hammers are at the top of my list.

Thank you again John for taking the time to meet with me.

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That sounds a bit like my intrusion on his compound maybe 6? years ago when I was in the area giving a talk at the Timonium seminar..maybe more now eh John?
I recommend the Iron Kiss and have heard good things from folk whom I have told to buy them....
Now...if he only made a 500 or 800 weight.

I am rather tempted to sell my 50 weight Molag and get the 75 Iron Kiss.


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Dont forget there will be at least 2 set up and running at the Westminster MD Blacksmith Days event next weekend! Deker will be on one doing pattern welding and some knife forging off and on all day.

Check the website at http://www.bgcmonline.com for info on the Blacksmith's Guild of Central Maryland event.

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Ric, that 160 ended up down in Charlotte, NC and hopefully it continues without a problem. The guy used adequate compressor power and psi. It used a 3.25 cylinder so it needed about 150 psi to run snappily. And that is about the setting you worked with in my shop way back when. Nowadays I'd build it in octagon configuration instead of the old round tup with keys-in-keyways guides, use a 4" cylinder with customized poprts, and a better mass ratio.

Ric, the 75 with an 11" stroke option ($5800 fob) is a truly superb machine in terms of all the numbers. It flat out works at pressures as low as 40 psi, more than 80 psi is too much, and is my own choice for day-to-day forging. It is sooooooo snappy.

I'll have a 50 and a 75 at blacksmith days. I was also going to have a hydraulic press there but sold that a week ago. Deker will be using the 75 and Glenn Horr will be using the 50. Mark Aspery will be doing things manually. What a darn fine show the guild has lined up!!!!!!!

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