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Howdie From Arizona

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Hello From Arizona. I'm relatively new at blacksmithing, though I've done metal work in one form or another all my adult life. (I currently make a living as a machinist)

My only previous blacksmithing experience was a small amount in the early 80's while I was living on a cattle ranch. Recently my 14 yr old daughter got a bug to learn about blacksmithing, so I pointed her to AABA's website, and she came running up talking about a class Gordon Williams was teaching in Camp Verde.

We wound up taking it together, so now I'm interested again, and am in the middle of building my own (her own, I'm sure she would tell you) propane forge.
We had a lot of fun at the class. Here are a few pics....Blacksmithing Class in Camp Verde

Am looking forward to interacting with other metalworkers, learning and sharing new tricks.

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Why yes it is. Have you met him yet? I do not now him real well but he seems like a pretty straight shooter.

I used to live on a ranch in the Bradshaw Mountains, late 70's-early 80's, and would shoe horses for our ranch and one other. He was a local farrier for the Wickenburg area then, and I met him in '81.

I've only crossed paths with him a couple of times since, but knew he lived over in Skull Valley. There is supposed to be an open forge at his place in May, but I haven't been able to find details on it yet.
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