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300lb anvil - Fenton, MI

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Looks a little beat up but that can be fixed, sounds like a fair price a lot better than the $4.00/lb stuff out in ca

There's still a lot of life left in that anvil and it's more than workable.
$1.33/lb for a 300lb anvil is an amazing price considering that there are some guys on Kijiji in my area who are wanting $500.00 for a 100lb PW anvil.
I hope someone on IFI gets it.
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I was able to make an appointment and visited the anvil shortly after it was listed on C/L. (it is about 15-20 minutes from me). The owner is eastern european and I found him to be interesting to talk with. His family had a machine shop as he was growing up and he has worked with heavy construction equipmentand seemingly isn't afraid to tackle projects of all sorts. He is not a blacksmith and has never used the anvil but in talking with him and judging by the property he is a buyer/seller of implements of all sorts.

If you face the anvil with the horn to the left then the opposite side edge has some significant edge chipping....but not worn nearly as much if you don't object to working with he horn pointing to the right ...then the opposite side edge chipping is pretty minor. The face is not flat across the length but has smooth areas.

I could not find markings regards maker. I think it has a welded face (maybe 5/8" or so).

I did not buy it but that could be because I have very little experience examining anvils and don't know what i am looking at.

My decision was mostly due to rebound. I really liked the size but it did not have anything near the rebound of my Hay Budden (163#). Maybe nearly 2X the mass would more than make up for the rebound. I was dropping a 1" ball bearing.

BTW the weight may be a guess by the seller...that is impression I got. Meanwhile I didn't get any impression it was overstated...If I had "guessed the weight" I probably would have guessed "at least 300#" it is much much larger than my Hay Budden (about 29" w horn)...IIRC (not certain I looked at it several weeks ago) but I think the the 5" x 30" of this anvil is the width X length of the "flat" (and does not include the horn).

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