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4340 for sale, Hammer size

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I have started sorting through some of the steel I bought at a local aerospace auction. One of the things I got is 22 of these "pucks" they are 4340. The original bits are 4 3/4 round 2" long and weigh 10 lbs... I can knock them down to a rough 2" X 2" X 9" block in two heats which would be about right for two large hammers (or three small ones)

Online metals gets $6.90 per inch of 2 1/4 round (about the same volume as 2" sq) so 9" would cost $62

I'll sell you a "puck" for $15 or break it down to any square size you want (two heat minimum so not much smaller than 1 1/2 square) for $25, Two broke down for $40, four for $70

4 just "pucks" for $50

Anything that will go in a flat rate box shipped for $11

Online metals 4340 page

I also have some 6" round 4340 and some 5.5" round.... I have a bit of 15-5 stainless.... A bunch of about 3.5" round slugs maybe 8" long that are marked m-4... a bunch of small cubes 4130 and vairous other bits....

All came from a aerospace shop so most have cert, heat and lot info tags.... The M-4 stuff just had M-4 wrote on it in sharpie with no tag....

If you have any interest in anything shoot me a message.. I am open to offers or package deals, I just got so much of this Id like to sell a bit to recoup some of my dough and maybe spread some good stuff around :D

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