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Bronze pour pictures

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We just finished a bronze pour - 3 cruces at 300 lbs each - a nice way to spend the day. Couple of small glitches, one split mold (our fault for not binding it up), and a small break-out but all turned out well. Next week, more mold making then on to the next pour.

post-3223-12712595195524_thumb.jpg post-3223-12712595422794_thumb.jpg post-3223-12712595575556_thumb.jpg post-3223-12712595680999_thumb.jpg

post-3223-12712595797795_thumb.jpg post-3223-12712596089845_thumb.jpg post-3223-12712596190332_thumb.jpg post-3223-12712596528416_thumb.jpg


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Looks kind of strange pouring inside, we always did it outside, but of course you do get rain considerably more often than I do. :D
Nice looking facilities and nice to see the fondness you have for the "old man". Thanks for the pictures.
I think that I have put this up before but it doesn't change much from year to year at the iron pour but it is such a pleasure to work with molten metal.

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Oooh, molten metal... B) Gotta love it. Who needs to pound on it when ya can pour it? ;) Very nice setup there, I havent gotten into lost wax or sculptural casting yet, I do sandcasting at the moment, but I'm sure someone will talk me into it at some point. Got any pics of the final product?

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Thanks guys!

Michael - Jim's is a very cool place. 12 wooded acres with his work populating the grounds.

Fe - I know you've mentioned it before but what kind of casting have you done in the past?

BI - Jim is a great guy and yeah, it is a tad damp up here to pour out in the open.
Jim's studio is a nice place to work - it can definitely turn into an exercise in "tool archeology" at times but when we get it all sorted out and set up, we get a lot done in there.

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Thanks Jeff!

Yeah, even in Jim's studio I had to earn my chops to get on the pouring end of the shank. He's got quite a cadre of fellows he's worked with over the years but the last ten or so it's been pretty much he and I with a few guys coming in to lend a hand as needed.

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