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Anvil info?

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So I was checking ebay as I do every so often and I found this anvil, there isn't much info provided however the seller did mention that the name 'John Forrest' is engraved on the side. My last name being Forrest, this got me somewhat interested. So I'm just wondering if anyone here is able to give any info about this anvil, there isn't alot to go on sorry.
Looking for any extra info rough weight, brand, age, construction, value, etc.


Thanks in advance :)

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Without checking AiA; all I can say is that its undoubtedly an english anvil---fat waist, sharp smallish feet and so probably of built up wrought iron construction with a forge welded face on it.

As for weight---what did the owner say when you asked him about it? Far more accurate to have him put it on a bathroom scale than to try to guess from those paltry dimensions.

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