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March Meeting

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ODBSA March Meeting: Germinal Ironworks, Lexington, Virginia

Demonstrators: Lee Sauder, Shel Browder, Steve Mankowski, Michael McCauthy, and Darrell Makewitz
Subject: Bloomery Smelting. Watch Lee and his team use the traditional historic method of producing iron by smelting using charcoal in a small hand made furnace. Then watch them use this bloomery iron to forge items. To better appreciate the demo of this process, go to some of following Web sites and read up ahead of time; www.iron.wlu.edu, www.leesauder.com, www.warehamforge.ca, and www.hammerinhand.com

This event will not be open to the public because space is very limited, so please sign up by March 6th.
Check the schedule of events page for directions, and details. Old Dominion Blacksmith Association

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What an absolutely great day Saturday! Thank you, Lee, Shel, Steve and Skip for hosting and treating us to a really neat learning experience.

Many of us there took pictures and sent them in to Bobby who has compiled them into a slideshow. Anyone can see this show by clicking on the photo at the bottom of the Current News page. Current News

I took nearly a hundred pictures myself and a few videos, too. The videos took forever to upload, but certainly are worth a look-see.
You'll find 5 of them at the bottom of the webphoto album. Bill's pics

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