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I Forge Iron

hi y'all from southron louisiana


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new guy here from southron louisiana .
only thing i ever forged is a nice tripod for a campfire came out quite well.

i am building a shop in my backyard i really just need to close in the sides and put down a floor .

i just had a propane forge built and am waiting on the burners and other parts to arrive from larry z.
i have a anvil that must weight at least 300lbs i can barely move one side of it .(it was free)

i have acess to a lot of metal free at work , i just need to figure out what stuff would be good for making knifes .

hope to learn a lot here .

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Welcome to the group
I am thinking on driving down from MN next month for the LAMA conference at Laffette

As for the free metal
Heat a piece slightly hotter than nomagnetic and quench in oil
Clamp it in the vise and give it a tap with a hammer. be carefull as it could shatter if high carbon. If it bends over reheat and quench in water. Do the same with the vise if it bends with water quench it is mild steel. If it exploses in pieces it is high carbon

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