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Anyone have a phoenix power hammer

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Anyone out there have a Phoenix and be willing to take me some pictures of the pneumatics and linkages under the covers? I have a Bull hammer that is basically the same but some user input controls... I want to upgrade my hammer to better control the throttle and clamp features... At one point Tom @ Phoenix told me this was a simple thing and would send me diagrams on how to do it... but I never heard from him again and can can no longer seem to raise him...


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Larry, Good luck. Tom is local and we can't find him. Try David or Steve Kayne at blacksmiths depot.

Yeah Ken... The Kaynes are good people... As for Tom, I didnt have a whole lot of hope for help... All I really need a picture, I figure someone out there will snap me one, the rest I think I can figure out...
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not sure if you've seen the "Coleman" modifications to the Kinyon styled hammer. But .....it has similar results to the Phoenix. Very dynamic control. Could be exactly the info you need to build your hammer.


Great info and interesting approach.. but I already have a Bull hammer, I am not looking to reinvent the wheel, just do the functional input control mods that the new Phoenix offers
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