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I Forge Iron

Greetings from the Kingdom of An Tir


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Hail and Well Met. I thank you all already for the freely given and most useful advices. I am a poor Danish Viking born 1050 years too late it seems, or, mayhapse I have dawdled about just long enough to enjoy the best of it. Times will tell. I have collected smithing tools for years always with the intent that "someday....". Recent events have shown me that someday is not guaranteed to arrive, so I am pursuing my interests with a bit more passion of late, and good deal less concern about making mistakes, I thinks that is how some of the best thingks get made is by mistake. Again me thanks for your helps. For those if ye not familiar with the Knowne World, I am living in Yakima Washington where we grow some apples and some hops and some mint, and a few of us keep bees and let it all ferment.


Bless the Blessed ~ Curse the Cursed
Keep us from Evil ~ Save us from Harm

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Raasmus, welcome to the forum. Can't learn a thing till ya make a share of mistakes. I'm learning LOTS ;). This fermented (drink, I assume) you speak of sounds intriguing. Is that what is also called mead? Again, welcome form Omaha, Ne.


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