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Treadle Hammer

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My grandson (11) is into Blacksmithing and I am in the process of building a treadle hammer as a christmas from plans I purchased from Bob Warner. Has anyone built this hammer? If so could you give me suggestions, hints or problems with this hammer. I have the main frame completed and getting ready to build the anvils and the top frame for the hammer.
Any help would be apprciated.
Thanks Larry

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Bob, I'm not familiar with that particular treadle hammer, either. I built one called an Oliver. I think it's in the Blue Print section. I agree with Rob. That is one lucky youngun!! Hope he keeps at it. If you go to the top of the page and hit "User CP" you can edit your info and add in where you are located. There may very well be a blacksmith near to your location that can give you the answers that you are looking for. Good luck and welcome to IFI. :)

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We are in Grand Junction, Co. My grandson has made some leaves that are pretty good, some knives out of railroad spikes, and is working with a local blacksmith getting community service for demonstrating the trade at a local history museum. He seems pretty interested in blacksmithing and is showing some pride in his work. I presently have the frame built for the hammer and am working on the anvil's with a hardy hole in them. I think there is a picture on Warner Knives of the hammer. Any help would be appreciated if someone has built the hammer and has some diferent ideas.

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