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Scratches on stainless blade - how to remove?

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Hello all,
I hope I'm posting this question in the right section.
Being the first time making a knife handle, I forgot to mask my stainless steel blade while contouring & shaping the handle and the bolster using sandpaper. So the blade got visible scratches, and it looks ugly.

I seek your advice on how to minimize or remove those scratches. Can I use honing compound and handbuff it or I have to use buffing wheel on drill? And which buffing material to use, muslin or all cotton?
Any views and suggestions are very much appreciated.

Kindly look at the pic attached.

Thank you.


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Use what ever you used to finish the blade before you started on the handle....

Ooop! sorry Rich, I forgot to mention that I bought this knife blade at texasknife.com readily finished but without handle. I just wanted to learn making the wooden handle. So I'm not sure how to polish/hone stainless steel.

Thank you Rich.
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The blade should be stoned in order to remove the scratches. If you proceed straight to the buffing wheel, you will just polish the scratches, therefore having shiny scratches. you will need to start with probably a 220 grit stone and work your way finer with stones in grit increments of 100..(220,320,400,500...etc.) untill you have achieved your desired finish. Be sure to use a stoning lubricant. This doesn't have to be anything fancy, any solvent will do. What is important, however, is to not use the same solvent for each stone. If you are stoning with the 500 grit stone and use the same solvent as the 220 grit stone, you will pull floating particles from the 220 grit stone, thereby scratching your 500 finish. Dont get in a hurry and I'm sure you will be pleased with your results.

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Biff, I read your reply with deep interest. It looks very proffessional advice by an experienced knife maker. And your answer is just in time coz I have not started honing it yet the way I thought it would be.

Thank you very much Biff.
Wish you all the best, and take care!

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By not using the same solvent for each stone, do you mean one actually has to switch whatever oil he is using, or just to completely clean the blade of said solvent before moving to the next stone.

Also, I have two stones (though one has two different grits, one on each side) and I don't know what grit they are. Is there any good way to find out? (I got them from my dad, so I don't even know the manufacturer)

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