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Another texican joins


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Howdy folks,
I am a professional welding contractor specializing in agricultural contracting, ie, fence, ranch building, entrances, etc.. We have built ornamental fence with preformed wrought iron pieces. I am an artistically inclined person, so the draw to design and hand forge my own pieces is a natural progression.
Settin at the computer cruisin the internet when I found y'all. Already a member of several shooting and welding forums. Why not join one more???
Would be open to visit any blacksmiths in the driving vicinity of my shop.
Thanks for your time,

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! I'm over in Longview, about 120miles east of Dallas. You are welcome to head over here if ya like. Not too bad of a drive.;) There is a group in the Dallas area= NTBA=North Texas Blacksmith Assoc. www.home.flash.net/~dwwilsom/ntba/ should get you to their web site, there you will find have a list of meeting dates and places, usulally on the second Sat of the month. Also, here is the Saltfork Craftsmen Artist-Blacksmith Assoc. site Saltfork Craftsmen Both are great bunch of folks and willing to help newbies. Visit one of these meetings and get some hands on help and maybe a heads up on where to get blacksmith toys..if you need em. Once again, welcome!

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