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Hello friends,

I am a 23 year old apprentice metal smith and shop technician from the San Francisco Bay Area. I recently moved here from Michigan and I am working for a couple different shops here in Oakland. Since I have moved here I have been trying to find work and my efforts toward presenting a portfolio or job description have been effective, yet I would like to refine them more. I would be very appreciative if anyone could provide any advice towards what shop owners look for in a well rounded portfolio.



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pictures of past projects youve worked on are handy. Also, show that your keen to learn and will show up every day! say what your really good at and say what you'd like to perfect. And being an apprentice, know how to take a great deal of cr*p lol. Apprentices that take things to heart and sook, tend to get picked on more. being that your 23 i'd say you know that already. i find it easier to get a job if im talking one on one with the supervisor/boss rather than being a random resume in a pile or inbox.. Get them talking about the place rather than you talking about yourself.. people would rather talk about themselves than listen.
Good luck!

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I believe that you have been given some very good advice already.

Employers are employers regardless of what industry. And some basic requirements will most always prevail.

I just want to highlight one aspect of what has been previously said!
And that is that I feel you should somehow inject information that will reflect your willingness to be a dependable employee.
Over the last 50 years I have had the experience of being on a hiring board for a large corporation and also hiring people for my own business.
I have also been required to participate in termination processes.
At times it was very stressful for my self and all others who had to take part in the termination process.
And at other times due to situations of theft and other acts of personal ill-responsibility, I could not get rid of the person fast enough.

Here are just three (3) of the observations I made of what other people who served on the hiring and termination boards emphasized.
Things That Are Not Tolerated:
2. NOT SHOWING UP FOR WORK AT ALL with out following the company regulations for absenteeism.
3. NOT BEING PREPARED TO WORK includes, but not limited to the following;
a. Not showing up with all tools and everything you are required to provide to do your job.
b. Showing up tired (un-rested), free from the effects of drugs or alcohol or any other self inflected distraction from the work at hand.

Bottom Line: I suggest that you (some how) provide some type of a track record (such as
letters of recommendation) that will show that you are willing to cooperate and communicate well with your employer and that you will show up on time, all of the time.
And that when you do, you can be depended on to be prepared and will work when you get there!

Even the highest skilled person in the world is of no value (-0) if they do not show up when they are expected and, or not prepared to work when they do get there.

I have seen some very highly skilled people kicking a can down the road because they foolishly underestimated how strong the above values meant to my-self or a large corporation.

Best of success to you!
Ted Throckmorton

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What sound and valuble advise you have imparted. Someone with few skills but a high work integrity always got the nod from me when seeking help in my own business.

Feloniouspunk....take Ted's advise. A cheerful and willing disposition will get you further than producing a good scroll. Live up to the spunky part of your name.


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