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Hello, I'm new to these forums as well as blacksmithing in general, and I thought it time to find a community of experienced craftsmen and new people like myself to converse with. Im currently a college student, and I've been wanting to give blacksmithing a try for a while. Its a tad difficult to get started however, as im pretty busy with school, as well as the fact I've been searching for some help but its somewhat difficult in NJ. I love blades, and the thought of bladesmithing is wonderful, but I would also like to engage in other types of blacksmithing and have the ability to do a broad variety of things. I know some of the basics, and Ive been studying metallurgy a tad bit here and there, but I still couldn't even be considered a beginner as I haven't even tried it yet. Anyway, I look forward to getting to know this community as well as learning from the many skilled smiths here. :)

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