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i'm jim ijoined a few days ago and i guess if i'm going to get rid of that reminder at the top of the screen i'd better post something!
i just retired this year, and decided to try and add a new skill, i'm tired of riding dozzers and pushing rocks. i do some woodworking, boxes and funiture, fish, and raise basset hounds.
i do a lot of reading so just because i don't post much don't think i'm not here, i'll be burrowing through the archives. manny of the questions i have had have been ansewed already just from from reading.

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! Lucky dawg...I hope to retire in about 2.5yrs! Can hardly wait.
Good that you are reading first and finding answers to your ?'s.
If you would click on the 'User CP' in the green bar and update your profile giving your location it will help us give you more localized info about blacksmith related stuff. Like tools for sale, hammer-ins, other smiths...shoot, some may be just up the street from ya! Anyway, glad you are here. Enjoy

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