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Building a band saw cut station, Looking for ideas

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I finally built some "A" frame stock racks:D Its so nice to finally have the long stock off the floor!!!

I would like to incorporate my band saw as a cutting station into the storage system for ease of handling and cutting.

What have you guys done or seen that you like and that works well? What saw orientation relative to in-feed table do you prefer?

My frames are about 4 1/2 feet tall and I have access to both sides. I have a short section of roller for the in-feed. I may be getting a new band saw as my old Carolina is on its last legs:(. Any recommendations?

If you have pictures to share, that would be excellent!


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If you are standing at the back of the saw, where the vice tightening handle is, the infeed table should be on your left. This is the most versatile setup.

A seperate tip for horizontal bandsaw owners; mount your saw on casters. Then when you tighten the vice and the stock is not perfectly aligned, the whole saw will swivel into position.

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Thanks arftist-
I suppose I should mention that my saw is Horizontal... and mounted on wheels.
One aspect I'm looking to avoid is the infeed on the opposite side of the clamping handle, this will eliminate walking around the saw to bring in more long pieces of stock or change items from the rack.

Still hoping for more ideas and pictures...

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