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Hello from Texas


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I am a self taught artist and still learning each day. I have varied interests ranging from painting to sculpture. Recently I learned to work with scrap copper wire and fell in love working with metal. So now I am trying to learn to work with metal, primarily copper, soldering, annealing etc.
I make hammered rings, bracelets, accents for my bathroom and kitchen. I really enjoy the work; helps get out frustration at the end of the day.
I read allot before I start asking questions so I might not post much at first but after I feel comfortable I post more

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! In Texas "South" represents an awful lot of territory!;) You feel free to ask any questions you need, if we don't know the answer we'll make something up. At the very least it will sound good. If you can give just a tad bit more info about where you are we can problably find a smith "just up the street" from you. Also we can let you know about hammer-ins, meeting, tools, and any other blacksmith related stuff close to you.
Copper is a very fun medium to work with...just expensive! even the scrap! We like pictures too! so post some of your work for us, would love to see it.
If you ever get up to the Longview area give me a holler, my shop is always open. Once again, welcome.

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