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Names Eric, sophomore in high school and I have been interested in smithing for about 2-3 years. Always been really interested in it, even bought a book but I never really followed through in getting started and such. The main thing that kept throwing me off was the anvil, but also the forge. I do not have a lot of junk lying around so I don't really have much to which I can construct a forge with. Anvils can also be quite pricey so yea. But I have saved up some money ($230) which is not a lot, but hopefully if I save some more I can get an anvil and some parts for which to build a forge. Anyway, other than smithing I am really into fishing and hunting. Everyone around seems to think im nuts for being into smithing and wanting to do it. I don't really see whats so crazy about it :confused:.

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Welcome to the forum. I have found that whenever I talk to someone about an interest that they do not share in common, they tend to imply that I am nuts. Therefor I find it best to stick within the subject of smithing when talking to smiths, wheelwrighting when talking to wheelwrights, woodworking when talking to woodworkers, and clowning only when talking to clowns. :D

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