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beginner question

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Hi all.

As the topic says, I'm a beginner (only been smithing about a month or so)

I have very little in the way of tools right now. Also, my anvil has no hardie hole (did i spell that right?), so not having any hardie *tools* didn't really matter much.

My question is,

In lieu of a hardie hot cutter, I've been using an old steel hatchet. Nice handle on it, about 10" long, so getting burned isn't really an issue.

While this is acceptable for the time being, I *would really like to make some proper tools (within the next two weeks we'll probably have snow, so that's when smithing will stop until Spring.

So I guess my question to you much more knowledgeable and experienced smiths is...

What tools should be the first on my list to make?

I should mention that I have very little in the way of power tools, no welder (arc or gas :( ), no drill press (although i've been on my wife for about a year for getting *that*. lol). I *do* have an 18V DeWalt cordless drill and a goodly number of hammers (as a by-product of making armour)

Thanks for the help!


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