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Hi to all,
Just joined today so I thought I better say hello! I have been in the welding and fabrication field for some time but most of my work was heavy plant fabrication and repair in the open cast mining and quarrying industry in Scotland. Now I have moved to SW France for better weather!!as welding 56 hours a week outdoors in all weathers was getting a bit tiresome. I have some limited forging skills and have over the past few years tried to equip myself with some reasonable kit inc Gas Forge, plasma cutter, mechanical power hammer (VERNET) and my latest aquisition is a section rolling machine which I have zero experience with. I am looking for tips etc on avoiding any blunders etc when using this machine and also how best to go about fabricating the old style hanging method where the gate swivels on a pin below and is held near the top using a forged eye enveloping a circular section which is machined/ground into the solid square upright of a gate. (If you follow what I mean!!!!) Anyway hello to all and thanks for any suggestions help you can give me !

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Welcome to the forum Scot,
No experience with roller myself either but I'm sure there will be someone here that can help. It would be even better if you could post a pic. As for the gate hinges, I think I understand what you mean. Like a garden type or corral gate?? Not a hinge man either but this is the best place I know to ask questions. May take a day or three but you'll usually get an answer or three :)

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I have almost 0 experience with metals (ok there is no ‘almost’) but I jumped in feet first and have already cast a part for my car. (ok I’m going to recast it cause I learned some things about molding since I started) but hey its aluminum, I cam melt that in about 10 min. in my bucket forge. I truly am hooked, found a guy down the road selling an arc welder for 100 bones…trying to come up with the scratch to get it. Any thing I should know about buying a used arc welder?


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Its difficult to say what to look out for as there are various diffent types of arc welders ie oil cooled, air cooled and fan assisted etc. It also depends on the type of work you are doing and how much you are doing. Most important though is to try the welder out and not just at full tilt try the lower settings too! Can you weld or are you looking to get this to teach yourself as it may be better trying to find someone who can weld to try out the welder. You may think that you are the problem in not being able to keep the arc consistent when there is actually a problem with the machine! It really depends on the work you are doing as mig welding is better for thinner materials ie car panels etc Mig welding is alot easier to get a grip of than arc. That said they are more expensive but for thinner materials its the way to go! Depends on what you are looking to achieve!

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