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Greetings from Texas


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Found this forum while searching for casting, foundry, forging information for a sermon series I am working on. After 14 years of teaching Technology Education "Shop" classes in the public schools I have taken a full time ministry position as Associate Pastor/Youth Minister. I am loving it. I do miss working in a 3000 Sqft shop full of tools and toys. I am going to teach a series called "The Forge" in Feb 2010. I will teach three lessons in a 2 day period relating the living the Christian life to purifying and casting metal, strengthening and forming steel, steam, the power of the extra degree. I am toying with the idea of actually building a forge and pounding metal live in front of my students. I will be giving them safety glasses that have "The Forge" logo on them. I will be casting pewter of maybe aluminum live as well, but have not figured out the steam portion.
All of that to say hello.

Chris Saulnier
Simonton Community Church
Simonton Texas

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! Great to have you join us. some fantastic folks here as some are even good at blacksmithing!;) Take some time to look around, there is a ton of info here and as many pictures of peoples' work in the gallery. If you update your profile, click 'user CP' in the green bar at top of page, and give your location we can help you with toys...er I mean TOOLS in your area as well as smiths, meetings and other blacksmith related items as they come up. HABA, the Houston area group is a good bunch to hook up with and they have something going on all the time! If you ever get up to the Longview area give me a holler, my shop is always open. Once again, welcome.

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