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Rim forge i made for 35 bucks


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Hello all! I used an old truck rim i welded to fence posts all scrap and free! Then the square pipe for bottom from scrap yard and i used a piece of one inch plate for the klinker. I then got a working blower from a car in junk yard and stuffed it into an old squirell cage i found and attached with dryer hose from walmart. The only thing i paid for was the variable speed switch i got from a tractor supply it was 35 dollars. i lined the inside of the forge with this stuff called black swan furnace cement is good too 3000 degrees. The forge has been holding up well i have made several knives on it and sold them on ebay. But soon i will be building a more permant forge with hood!!


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Hay a tire rim works well my first forge was made from an old rim I found. Only difference is I used scrap metal I got from a scrap yard to fill in the inside and a small blower from an on line company for around 25.00. No if it work go for it. If you want to take a look at my first I have pictures on the picture gallery. But you picture does look a bit out of focus or my glasses a bit dirty. :D

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