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anyone use Fluid Film on there finished products


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I was sure I read somewhere on this blog that someone had used it and I searched everywhere through my history and after hours of rechecking I found that it was you (in your Demo Thingy).
I have heard that Fluid film needs needs to be reapplied on a regular basis and that it never really dries. Great on tools but needs reapplying after handling.
Do a search on the net for parkerising (Parkerizing) sp. It will give a flat to satin black finish. It soaks up oil and will last around 15 years with heavy handling. It is a finish often used on hand guns etc but does involve boiling Phosphoric acid.

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Parkerizing is a brand name. The generic name is phosphatizing. There are now a fair number of room temp versions, Birchwood Casey makes a nice system. The conversion coating on the surface holds a anti-corrosion oil in intimate contact with the parent metal. Either the oil or the conversion coating by itself will protect for only a short time, but the spongey coating will hold the oil and allow much better performance.

PTREE who used to manage a phosphate line along with the steam plant to heat it and the wastewater treatment plant to take care of the effluent.

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