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Forging close to finished shape


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Earlier this week someone asked how close I forged to finished shape. My answer was that I try to get pretty close. He replied " close as in hand grenades or atomic bombs". I had never really thought about it that much.
I forged a full tang blade to day and decided to measure it in a few places. I wanted about a 4" blade with 9"oal and about 1 1/8" wide. Started with a 1/4"x3/4"x6" piece of Aldo"s 1084.
I ended up with a 9 1/4"oal and a 4 1/4" blade that was 1 1/4" at it's widest.
I forged a distal taper on the blade and a taper on the handle.
The first pic shows the thickness as indicated. The second pic is a shot of the top, showing the taper.
I'll post more pics with measurements after grinding.



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Matthew and I are in the same boat. I'm trying to forge closer to finished dimensions, especially at the spine and around the tang areas as I have left a LOT to be ground off in these areas in the past. Getting better, but it takes time. I also HATE grinding. Sanding was my downfall in woodworking and grinding threatens the quality of my finished knives.

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Here's a pic after grinding, HT and tempering. I did a short soak in vinegar and scrub with steel wool. Blade is 4 1/4" , 9"oal and 1"wide.
Farmer Phil mentioned decarb. I use a muffle pipe in the forge for HT and there is almost no scale or decarb. The pipe gives a more even heat to the blade and I put a couple of small pieces of hard wood in the pipe to eliminate the 02.


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