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I Forge Iron

Well, it's about time I intro'd myself


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A little bout myself. Worked for a while as a carpenter building custom homes in Nevada while putting myself through college. Then ran the metal shop in a large glass and window business for a few years. That's where I came to love TIG and MIG welding (though to this date all i've ever used a TIG on is alu. and ss).
After college I moved to Oregon to work in the Natural Resources field. Here I met my buddy and mentor Mike-hr through a mutual hunting fishing friend. I've been hanging around his shop for a couple of years and when he became and "official" instructor for the Cal. Blacksmith's Assoc. I figured I ought to formalize my instruction a bit.
Now I pretty much figure Mike knows he's created a monster. Here's a guy who's making a living at this stuff, spending umpteen hours a day in his shop and I wan't to come over after I get off work. He doesn't bat an eye, and I appreciate that. the last thing I want to do after sitting in front of a computer all day is come home and teach some dip how to do what I do at work.
I use to think I had a pretty good eye for art, and what is aesthetic. Did a lot of pencil work and charcoals. I feel as though i've lost it more than a little, as now I'm pretty much a number cruncher. Not very "organic" as my mentor would say.
I tend to get bored with hobbies pretty fast, and my hope and belief is that this BS'ing will be great because there's so many facets of it. If I get tired of making steak turners I can fool around with blades for a while, or maybe some architectural pieces, etc. One of the things I really dig about BSing in that you make your own tools. I was pretty into woodwork and furnature in particular when i was in college, but could never afford good tools. Now all it takes is some instruction, and time and I can build whatever I need for the most part.
Another thing I really like is the wide demographic diversity of BSing. I've met super conservative fabricator types, to very hippie liberal artsy types, men, women, and everything in between (cons. and liberal that is). And they all seem to get along because they all share the same passion. I'm passionate about fishing too, but some of my best buddies that I've known for a long time won't tell me what they used or where they fished last saturday. Completely different than pretty much all the folks I've met through this art. everyone I've come in contact with are very willing to not only tell, but demonstrate their techniques or ideas. I can't believe how much I've learned from this forum in just the short couple of months I've been lurking. Thank you all for taking the time to help us newbies out. If any of you are ever in southern oregon, drop me a line. My shop's not much to show off, but it'd be a good excuse to go fishing:)


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MCraigl-- At least you still have your priorotys in perspective. Just don't forget about the fishing and hunting. Forges are meant for the winter, when the snow is hip deep.

I forged a W2 blade a few minutes ago. 102 in the barn and had the forge going for about 30 minutes. That was plenty for me.grin. Put the blade in the annealing bucket and run for the A/C.

Welcome aboard.

chuck Bennett

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Yea, it was around 94 last saturday and Mike-hr was in his shop with BOTH forges running (Gas and Coal). I know from experience that working between those two beasts when the weather is cooler is still hot work. Imagine he dripped several gallons that day...

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