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I Forge Iron

A new First for me


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I am not a bladesmith, although forging the shapes of blades is fun.
My welding teacher (who has let me sit through the last two evening classes at the local tech college) gave me a couple of files from the now-defunct machine shop (had to make room for the new cosmotology department you know:mad:) with the caveat that he wanted a knife-shaped-object made from one of them.

Here is what I accoplished:
File_Dagger_2.jpg File_Dagger_1.jpg
Blade was forged to shape, draw-filed to final (thanks, Sam, for the inspiration), followed the whole line of heat treatment found in these pages/threads, tempered three times in the oven at 425 (golden tone on the blade). The guard is from 3/8 square copper bar (from the machine shop scrap bin), slit, drifted and filed to shape (thanks for the instruction on this, Frosty). The handle is some mystery asian hardwood, stained a dark cherry and laquered twice. I laquered the handle and guard and left the blade lightly oiled.

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