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Renaissance locks

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Does anyone have any information on the mechanism of Renaissance locks? Specifically, I want to know how the locks pictured below work. I know how warded locks work, but this thing looks like it's got a lot of extra parts. Of course, the complcated looking trunk lid locks from the medieval and Renaissance period are nothing more than some bars on pivots, so maybe it just looks complicated.




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This is the man you want to talk to:


He is very accessible and friendly, and very devoted to his craft. There is no one better at what he does. His email address is at the bottom of that link.

Whoa!!! I just clicked that link and had my eyebrows slap my shoulderblades!

That is absolutely fantastic. Without a doubt Pepin, Wisconsin is on my must go to places list now.

Any bunch of monkeys can make big stuff. To make little stuff that is that big in its form is awesome. Thanks for posting the link Mr. Thomas.
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