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Hammer grip and control

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I have been forging pretty regularly for more than a year and although I feel I have always had good coordination in other tasks I have never been satisfied with my hammer control.

Thanks to all the opinion and experience on this forum and especially Mr. Hofi and Mr. Brazeal. The discussions about gripping the handle with basically the thumb and index finger finally sank in in the last week.

I practiced the grip and very quickly realized I was GUIDING the hammer instead of SWINGING and my hammer control is very much improved.
( And if it reduces stress as it obvious does its a win/win deal.)

Thanks again to all whom meet and freely share their knowledge here at Iforge Iron. I consider all of you my Teachers.

Humble Apprentice:)

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That is great. You will find that after you get used to it you will notice that you are not as fatigued from squeezing the juice out of the hammer handle. And like you mentioned a lightened grip will not allow this shock of the hammer blows to transfer through the body as much as a tight grip. Also, the lighter grip will allow the hamer to rebound better which in turn helps you to work less. Remember to allow the hammer to swing like a pindelum in your hand. It should pivot between the thumb and the first few fingers just as it is striking the metal. This creates much more speed for the hammer head. Moving the hammer head faster will help create more energy to depart into the hot steel, in turn moving it faster.

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