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Hand crank blower lube?


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Just picked up a champion crank blower and I read somewhere online a while back that the tub of these blowers should be filled with oil about 1/4 up from the bottom. I'm thinking some heavy gear grease on the cogs is about all it needs, but just want to make sure I'm using this old piece like it was meant to be. I noticed another post regarding a little of this but didnt get into a lot of detail. Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse here

Any ideas?

Thanks a bunch

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Generally, most blowers take grease only on roller bearings (if they have them) and were designed to run with some amount of oil. For example, a Champion 400 or any of their roller bearing models should have fresh grease in the bearings on the sides and a few drops of oil inside.

I have a no-name blower with a fill plug on top and a drain plug about 1/4 up on the case. I have to pull both plugs and fill with oil until it starts running out of the bottom, then plug it (same principle as a differential on a car). Other blowers have an oiler on top and are designed to be "dosed" every so often. These do not benefit from any additional oil beyond a few squirts as they will simply leak the excess. I use plain old automatic transmission fluid for oil and it works just fine at all temperatures (plus it's readily available and cheap).

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