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  1. Hello from the Cariboo region of British Columbia! I am a semi-retired home renovator that has had a growing urge to pound red hot iron. Over the years I have aquired an anvil, a few tongs, hammers, portable farriers forge and recently some coal. I have tried softwood charcoal in a forge that I built using firebricks and an old hair dryer. This worked and I made a few items, but I found that I spent a lot of time tending the fire as the charcoal burned up quickly. I have gathered odd bits of info from blacksmiths at various demonstrations like pioneer villages and historic old forts. Now I want to do more and welcome advice and encouragement from those experienced in this noble craft. I respect knowledge and I live to learn. Everything that I know was taught to me by someone else.
    I have adopted the phrase: "Strike while the iron is hot" into my everyday conversation.
    Respectfully, Steeler :)

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