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  1. A quote from a book written by Louis L'Amour. "Man has within himself the most powerful weapon ever developed - the human brain ". We had better not let anyone know that we carry these, or they'll try to confiscate them too !


    They already are...

    via Cable T.V. :o
  2. Congratulations, Elkdoc! May I ask what your 'training' is?

    You may indeed. My 'training' is as a wildlife scientist. Lots of study design, research statistics, and science advocacy has been hammered into me over the course of my doctoral work.

    When it comes right down to it, though, I like to play with critters in the dirt. LOL...
  3. Recently was offered a 'real job'. One that will draw directly on my training yet still keep me out of the petty politics of academia. AND, they're working with me on finishing my doctorate while I'm there. They created the position for me. I even get to help write my own job description. Talk about blessings falling right in your lap!

    Plus, I'll be closer to where I grew up and when my bride of 8 years and I finally start ourselves a family next year, our kiddos will get to be near their grandparents.


    Ain't God good?

  4. Just wanted to jump in from the shadows and say thanks for the ideas you've given. I've been thinking of doing some bookends recently for my new office but hadn't given it much more thought than that. It sure would be a nice way to close down my shop before I pack it all up for a big move!

    See, you never know who you're helping by asking a question. :)

  5. Hey Don! I built my forge with a Centaur firepot on a piece of flipped 1/4 diamond plate steel (freebie). I bricked mine and it fits wonderfully! Incidently, if you're shopping for firebrick in K-town, shoot me a private message. I've got some good leads for very affordable firebrick.

  6. I know a 3 local smiths here that went to one of Clay's workshops and built these things. They can't say enough good things about them or Clay's input. At least one of these smiths has a larger mechanical hammer (Little Giant mayberrr) and he prefers his new tire-hammer. FYI, I believe Mr. Spencer has a NASA (?) engineering background so that combined with his blacksmithing enthusiasm would be enough to convince me to go to one of his workshops if I had the time or capital. I've seen one of his treadle-hammers in person and all I can say is 'wow'.

    I'm supposed to go check out one of the power hammers this week. If I can get some pics, I'll post them with the owner's permission.

  7. Thanks folks! I had some suspicions that you've nearly all addressed. There's a ton of stuff welded together with a stick welder and called "wrought iron" on Ebay, and there's no way someone who had forges can compete pricewise. I'm going to check out etsy.com and watch some of the forged stuff on there for awhile.

    I'll have to check out some local markets and see what opportunities arise there, too.

  8. Hey folks. I'm curious, what are your views on selling your projects on Ebay to further fund the forging addiction?

    I'm getting to the point where I can make decent garden hardware that friends seem to be going gaagaa over. I'm talking plant hangers, birdfeeder hangers, towel rings, etc. The usual small stuff. So far, they've been gifts for the wife or kept in a pile for study.

    I'm considering making a dozen or so of each item and testing the water on Ebay. This is just a hobby, but a bit of income to support purchases of coal, stock, hammers, expendables, etc. would be nice.

    What do you guys think? Viable option? Lost cause? Look for other outlets?

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