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  1. Breaker box is actually in the backyard, a couple feet away from my desk window (yes, on the outside wall). Can't really add a lean to on the garage. It is a duplex and the only free area is right on the walkway to my front door. Metal is a great idea. Thanks for the advice, everyone! Unbelievable, the warnings. lol geez.
  2. There isn't an HOA in this part of town. lol But, thank you for the advice. I do use my garage as a woodshop. Thanks for the suggestion on the location in my profile. Haven't gotten to it yet. Already got a warning about this post. Thank you for your response.
  3. Here are my two monsters. Buddy, blue heeler, was adopted when he was 2 years old (5 years ago). Loves boxes...Weird dog...Loves lasers too...extremely weird dog... Then the black cat...Baby Girl, part Manx & crazy. Loves to play fetch & tries to dig into the wood floor...weird cat...13 years old & got her as a little 8 week old kitten.
  4. What is a good size shed for a beginner smithy? I have no problems with DIY sheds. Will consider prebuilt (home depot sheds) but not sure what is a good material (plastic, wood, etc). Would rather build a smallish one. Live in AZ. Will check building codes when I get ready to build or setup a prebuilt one.
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