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  1. That’s the plan when I get some time to work on it. Fingers crossed.
  2. I appreciate the response. All info is good info. I don’t have any updates about the repair. I have gained a nice paperweight. I have definitely had some 2nd thoughts about whether or not cutting the mushroom off was the best first step. Asking this group for advice would have been a better first step.
  3. ThomasPowers, I like the old tools too. I am not a good enough welder or smith to repair this chisel. Are there any smiths in New Jersey or the continental US you know of that would be good at performing this repair? —AJ
  4. ThomasPowers, great explanation of steeled. Thank you. Yes, the chisel is steeled. —AJ
  5. Frosty, thank you. I am sorry I used the ampersand. Won’t happen again. Please call me AJ.
  6. Thank you for your advice. I don’t know what steeled is, so I am not sure. Also, do you know if welding and using mild steel could be done effectively? I also want add that my primary goals are to have a repair that is strong and durable and to alter the original portion of the chisel as little as possible. And the chisel is laminated.
  7. Hi. I have a hand forged LH Watts (1800’s) shipwright’s chisel. 1.5” wide x 7” long. The handle broke and someone damaged 1.5” of the socket. I cut the damaged portion off. Does anyone have advice of what would be the most effective way to fix the socket and get it back to its original length? The thicker part of the socket is about 1/4” and the thinner part is 1/8”. Thank you in advance.
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