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  1. Yeah especially for only $360 this is a beautiful piece, I'll definitely take good care of it.
  2. Would be pretty cool if that would've been it. But could it be possible that the anvil was made in Liège-Guillemin at the railway station, it was first opened in 1842 but I couldn't find any information regards to metal industry in that specific place. There's also a museum close by about the metal industry and blacksmithing, I'll visit that in hopefully the near future, might get some good information over yonder.
  3. Thanks I'll try searching for some information in French. And it would make sense if the L referred to Liège or maybe the G is for Gent I'll try to look into that too.
  4. Thanks but sadly the previous owner has moved away and I don't have any contact information. But I will try to find search between 1900 and 1970 for blacksmiths and metal corporations from Belgium.
  5. Good day everyone, I've found and bought this anvil in august from a retiring blacksmith and have tried doing research on the maker, without success, so I'm wondering if any of you might know a bit more about the history of this anvil. I bought the anvil in Belgium, Antwerp, and it's very similar to an UAT anvil, it weighs 145 kg or 320lbs, it's height is 30cm or 11 13/16'', it's 88.5 cm or 2' 10 27/32" long, it's 16 cm or 6 19/64 " wide, it has a hardy hole and a pritchel hole which are 3 cm or 1 3/16" wide and it has the number 145 for the weight on it's side together with ''LG'' which I think might be the maker. Thank you in advance and kind regards Quinlan.
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