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  1. Thank you for all the information and i do fully understand the dangers of melting metals down and am doing everything to make sure that I am doing things a safe as possible. Having grown up knowing workers from a local steel plant and hearing all of their stories about the horrors of injuries. I also have experience in welding and working with plasma cutters and have been a safety manager on construction job sites so going into this I am being as careful as I can and I’m interested in casting as I find all the designs that you can cast very interesting and I do really want to get into. Blade smithing and the like and I know my foundry won’t work for that but due to a small budget I have to wait to get a proper forge . Thank you all again for all of the Information you have shared with me and I don’t take it as a discouragement I take it as more experienced people sharing their thoughts and concerns with me and I really appreciate it Also sorry if what I say comes off as confusing in any way I’m not the best writer and just kinda type how my brain thinks haha
  2. I’m sorry I didn’t see this before posting I’ll make sure I follow the rules from now on
  3. Hey all thanks for the messages and I’m really looking into casting metals vs blade smithing. I picked up a cast master propane furnace, it came with a pair of tongs (that aren’t very good in my opinion) it also came with a pretty ok crucible Glenn I’m looking for basically everything tool wise as I’m just starting out and am not really sure what all I actually need haha , Irondragon ForgeClay Works Thanks I’m glad I found this community as most people on here seem nice and knowledgeable and I’m looking forward to learning from all of you , and I believe I just did add my location just now or at least I’m hoping I did haha , Frosty thank you for the warm welcome and I was hoping to do casting work before I get into blade smithing and the like and I just have the kit I bought ( propane furnace,tongs and a crucibles) and an Ingot mold so far ,but I’m looking into sand casting so I could make unique designs but I definitely want to get into blade smithing and the like.
  4. Hey everyone I’m new to metal working and I have gotten myself a cast master propane furnace and have been tinkering with it making ingots of aluminum and copper I’m really excited to see what I can do with this and I’m open to anything anyone can teach me about forging metals also if anyone knows any good places to get tools and supplies in Ontario Canada id really appreciate if you could let me know about it haha I can’t seem to find any shops or anything
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