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  1. Thanks for taking the time. El cheapo bathroom scale rang it in at 231 lbs. I will weigh it on the cattle scale when I hook it back up later this year. The maker is what has me curious. It looks like it says W. B B. Then I just can’t tell. Who knows I guess. It’s a neat anvil and has surprisingly decent rebound . Again, appreciate your time and am almost completely overwhelmed with the amount of info on this website! It’s an amazing resource of knowledge, experience and info. On a side note, Thomas Powers, I lived out in NM for a few years in the early 90s..Alamogordo and Tularosa! A truly beautiful place.
  2. Ok, took it loose from stump and did some more wire brushing: below the stampings, i cleaned up the faint stamping of 2 4 7 beneath the “warrantied” stamp. No other markings showed up in my brushing. I dis however notice what appears to be pick holes?? on one of the feet. to clarify, the base is solid and appears to have 3 handling holes? see pics and i anxiously await your assessment. Also, isnt 247 an impossible number to have with hundred wt system? Second number should never be greater than 3 i thought.. Apologize, the 247 pic is upside down 4th pick down, if zoomed in on right corner, may be pick holes? and again, apologize, base is solid, not concave. Had been a few minutes since i last saw under there. Appreciate the assist and knowledge.
  3. TP, in top pic, if you can zoom in, its stamped on the left side(in pic). I cant find a weight stamp anywhere.(i had to wire brush the pictured side just to uncover the grime/coating to reveal what i pictured). Nothing on other side i could find. Base is slightly concave if i recall correctly with i believe one handling hole towards the heel side?? (Its been a while since i had it turned over). I havent been able to uncover any other numbers or letters stamped anywhere else on it.
  4. I believe it says it’s wrought iron? And bottom word is perhaps “warranty”. Was mostly curious about what the top letters could possibly mean? weighs over 200+ lbs. Has serial number on front corner of 22352. Sorry if the pics are too big. I tried to modify them down to 350 as suggested in one of the advice for new users threads. I made them smaller, but not sure if y’all prefer them smaller yet?
  5. Thanks for the welcome, tips and encouragement. Finally was able to get logged back on here and have been reading all the items recommended for newbies.
  6. New to forging in last 6 months. Located in Indiana. Find forging fascinating and wish i had discovered it 30 years ago. Anxious to learn and grow as a smith!
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