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  1. Hi boisdarc! Still trying to sort but been busy on a separate endeavor that appeared. Such is life! Hoping not to sell and to instead, restore, even against other's wishes. If that changes I will definitely contact you!!
  2. ThomsasPowers I think my husband outgrew his lederhosen! For everyone else - I didn't disappear, just fell into another project past few weeks that involved a lot of labor and time so haven't been able to devote as much to the shop and it's keeping. The good is I still have a desire to save it, bring it back to life and learn it. The bad - husband is fighting me every. single. inch. Eh, good with the bad. Good thing I am part fightin' Irish and German to go up against my strong Kraut husband! I am not giving up on this shop yet
  3. Very true, Frosty! I need more hours in the day
  4. Good to know how to dampen the ring but I think I will wait a few weeks after the shop is running before I allow the neighbors some silence. The little bit we've been there I have seen enough drama across the street. I think it'll be good for them to all hear some 'noise' from me Not to mention, I am sure I will still have not a clue about what I am doing there yet. But hey, one is never too old to learn something new - especially not something new AND useful! (Oh, and that will tone these arms...haha)
  5. Found in our shop. Anyone need any information out of it - let me know
  6. Sorry Frosty, hubby said he isn't standing it up again yet because it's too heavy Once he does, I'll get that other side pic for you! I need the 15 year old to get his work all done so he can partake in that endeavor, George N.M.!
  7. Thank you all for the input! I finally talked to hubby about building and we are strongly considering keeping it. His dad works in the iron industry and lives only a few blocks away and husband admitted how he has entertained the thoughts of playing in it with his dad and the kids. Only thing is it ties up quite a bit of money we would have instead, gained for other endeavors. So far, it looks like I may have to give up that house to keep the smith shop but in all honesty, there are tons of houses but how many smith shops are there? Food for thought! He said I have to do the numbers....s
  8. What if you buy property that includes an old blacksmith shop and 'IRONically' find you are falling in love with it and its history and you don't know you can bear to watch it get pieced apart and the shell sold or destroyed? If it was you, how would you go about changing your spouse's mind to leave it all in place instead of piecing it out and running with the profits? Especially when you feel the historic value and legacy of your family linked with preservation outweighs any of property taxes and electrical costs? When we bought this property I was really in love with the original old
  9. Frosty, which is the top?! haha Nodebt, not sure that it was something of the blacksmith's since it wasn't recognized by one of the family who worked in the shop in his youth. He said he wasn't sure what it was but that it wasn't there previously. Said his brother, who passed away and who's estate we bought, must have bought and stored it there after the shop closed. It is my understanding the blacksmith closed the shop in the 70s and sometime after that is when the owner of the estate bought or inherited it. Small town = lots of family relation and passing of property. Georg
  10. Jealdi - please message me. You are about an hour south of us.
  11. Thank you for the advice, Frosty, I will definitely update hubby as we sort. And sort. And sort some more....lol. I think I would love to learn the trade...just not enough hours in the day with kids and work. Not to mention, I agreed to give husband the shop if I got the house. Now I'm thinking I should have reversed it! lol Either way, he's like a kid in a candy store sorting all of it and finding new 'old' things. Since neither of us are going to do it, we just want it to go to the right homes.
  12. Sure thing, Frosty! I will get a few more when back at the shop tomorrow or tuesday
  13. They look to spin - husband thinks it may be an air-powered cylinder. Has inlets, outlets and a bleeder. It has packing like a hydraulic cylinder.
  14. Anyone know?! Solid steel with a little brass. None of the local old timers or farmers we've asked seem to know what this is and one said it was not part of the original shop and was brought in stored there later.
  15. Anyone who is willing to come by can message me - most likely you won't leave empty handed! I didn't even post pics of some of the tools in there that we uncovered.....there's a lot. Going to post a pic in another discussion forum for 'guess what part this is' because we have something no one yet knows what is....and it's heavy.
  16. ITEM 1: Swage. Not sure on weight. About 12" tall. Thank you, George! I actually just looked up the Illinois Blacksmith Association and plan to call them. My husband contacted a local blacksmith he knows but they have not shown up yet. Their shop is as old as this and have been in the business for the 3 generations so guessing they don't need much. I appreciate all of the information and will advise my husband as it will greatly help going through everything.
  17. Here are some overview photos!
  18. Thank you, Glenn, I will do!
  19. Hi everyone! Just searching the web for information and came across this website. To be honest, I am jealous of all of your abilities as it is something that has always peaked my interest. Unfortunately, I do not have near the time to devote to this hobby. I barely get to do any of the rest of my hobbies so I am pretty sure my dear husband would question my starting another....haha. I actually was searching the web for people like you. My husband and I recently purchased property in an estate and it came with a blacksmith shop. An old one. It has not been in operation in over 40 y
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