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  1. If that’s how it’s gonna be then my favourite team is whoever is playing against yours! Oilers are the team. But as a Canadian I just enjoy the game, period. I’ll watch any hockey.
  2. David, and anyone else, any thoughts on placing hockey pucks between the anvil and the base, as well as at the bottom of the base? Would this increase the sound or absorb sound? Would it absorb energy or return energy? Further, here is a pic of the anvil on the block, unsecured until I figure out the best way.
  3. The anvil is 100lbs. I haven’t done any smithing yet, I am in the process of setting up. I plan on starting with the basics, practising proper technique before moving on to blades or various art projects when I improve. Everybody makes knives so eventually I would like to make more unique pieces. It does have 3/4 inch holes at the feet. Should I bolt it to the block or use that flat bar or chain to secure?
  4. Hey guys, what would be the pros and cons to using this as a stand? It’s one solid piece, 12x12. My anvil itself has a 10x10 foot print. Would this need to be secured to the ground or do you think I’ll be chasing it if I don’t.
  5. Can anyone date an old Trenton with the serial number A101162? If possible to include what materials it was made of during that time? What would the value of something like this be? I do need an anvil for function, not aesthetics or an ornament. Will likely buy new for the same price. Having trouble uploading a picture. Here is a link to reddit where I have uploaded a picture and received one answer, hoping to verify if the answer is correct. Found this in my local classifieds in Alberta, Canada. Face is surprisingly flat still, but slightly bumpy. Some chips on the edges of the fa
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