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    Sturgis ,MI
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    A lot of old time skills and working with hands and head. Hopefully! I like fabricating things.

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  1. No Thomas, Thanks! I have 5160 coming out of my ears. Good stuff! Thats alright, it was light in vanadium anyway.
  2. And 11 other herbs and spices
  3. Yes Thomas swards. Not particularly much, but enough to have on hand to experiment with I was thinking of damascus and adding specific amounts of 4140
  4. Anyone know a place were i can order some reasonably priced 6150
  5. Oh wonderful crypto acrobatics!
  6. For some reason Im having some difficulty uploading images. Just patterns at this point still on the fly getting things ready
  7. Oh, bent on trying to send images from my phone I forgot to mention I have about 10 books on telescope making. Some are very expensive and somewhat old

  8. No blades just patterns at this point Thomas. Im on the fly getting this off the ground. Wow!, I have no idea how to invert a pic on here

  9. I was stationed at Edwards AFB Mojave Central
  10. Thank You! Well, im a recycled teenager like to have a lot of fun in whatever im doing, firstmost. I was a Slot Technician of 30 years until about a month ago. My boss didnt deserve my respect. Now when I say this I really mean it. So we started this escalation and to make a long story short. He canned me. So here I am a curmudgeon that doesnt like to take crap facing a really bad job market. So the answer was actually pretty easy for me. I decided to start making knives for a living. A life long dream. Am I crazy, a little. But, Ive been very happily after it like white on rice and getting re
  11. Brand new member here. Id just like to say Thank You, and its a pleasure being part of this site.
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